Joe Walsh of The Eagles and James Gang and Kevin Borich
Joe Walsh - The Fires | Kevin Borich DUETS
Joe Walsh of The Eagles and James Gang and Kevin Borich

Joe Walsh of The Eagles and James Gang and Kevin Borich

Joe Walsh of The Eagles and James Gang and Kevin Borich of The La De Das perform on DUETS - The Fires song.

Kevin had his three piece Kevin Borich Express happening in Australia in the 70’s while Joe Walsh (The Eagles) had his James Gang outfit rocking the USA.

Following an already stellar career beginning in New Zealand with The La De Das, Kevin Borich became a founding member of the 80’s Australian super, star laden cover band The Party Boys. Kevin penned the band name for being a side entity for all the stars involved to let their hair down have a fun touring live on downtime from their original bands, And party across Australia they did!

In 1985 Joe Walsh came out solo, teamed up with Kevin Borich and The Party Boys and hit the road around Australia on a sell out tour. Joe and the boys had such great times, some overly fortified, that Joe returned in 1989 for a second tour with the band, again selling out across Australia. And a live album ensued. 

In 2004 Kevin Borich Express was booked for a one off Australian outback farm party. Knowing Kevin was in good with Joe, the organiser Luke Everingham said “Hey, why don’t you get Joe Walsh over for the gig?”  Kevin laughed and sarcastically stated "Yeah right, Joe’s a very busy man, he’s probably playing a show at the White House mate.”

“There were no mobile phones back then so it wasn’t like, yeah I will just text Joe." Kevin continued "Regardless of that, I contacted Joes bro tour manager Smokey. Next thing I get a call from Joe”. “Hey man” Joe stated in his Texas Drawl, “Im doing a gig in London for the 50th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster, I will fly over after that”.

Kevin continues “So out to Australia Joe flew from London with Smokey. I blacked out (covered) my home studio windows of the main bedroom as if Elvis was coming so Joe could sleep out the jet lag followed by us two going through the songs before rehearsals with my Kevin Borich Express. And man then we let it rip. And the 500 heads at this very mini Festival erupted in awe at Joe’s presence and songs, they just could not believe it was happening in a converted cowshed an hour’s drive west of Taree NSW AUSTRALIA”.

THE FIRES - Single - Kevin Borich and Joe Walsh

During the COVID pandemic Kevin began putting together his DUETS album project working with some of the most successful performers in Australia. Then, following Australia’s most devastating and horrific fires in 2022, one of Kevins long time fans, Mark and his wife, lost everything they had ever worked for and shared their ordeal and feeling of emptiness with Kevin. This emptiness was spread across the east coast of Australia, across thousands of miles and 100’s of thousand of lives.

Kevin already had a guitar intro and a few chords for a new song in his head but after hearing their story, it sparked him into writing the lyrics that included adding one of Mark’s phrases depicting the fires into the song. Following Australia’s disastrous year, North America also experienced the same intense and horrifying fires that devastated more peoples lives. And this was all unfolding while Kevin was recording his Duets Album. “Joe’s 2019 invitation to work on any of my songs jumped to mind and he became the obvious choice to bring in on The Fires song with both our continents and Europe burning out of control.”

“Oh Yes, the one and only legendary Joe Walsh agreed to get involved, play guitar and sing in tag-team style on The Fires song and the result is ….… Well, we both really like it and hope that you do too.”

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Kevin Borich signing the new DUETS
Kevin Borich - DUETS - Record Cover
Duets - Released 2023
signing Duets album before release
DUETS Album Cover
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The La De Das - Gonna See My Baby Tonight
The La De Das 1972
Kevin Borich Express 1978
Joe Walsh - The Eagles with Kevin Borich
Young Kevin Borich


Standing The Test Of Time

They bought him a guitar

Where do you start when you’re telling the Kevin Borich story? Is it that time he shared the stage with Carlos Santana? Or when Joe Walsh from the Eagles crashed on his couch? Or Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore jumped up on stage and jammed with him?

Or maybe we start this story at the beginning– on an orchard just outside of Auckland in New Zealand, where young Kevin would mime along to the hits of the day, playing air guitar on a tennis racquet. “Mum and dad were like, "Do we get him some balls or a guitar?’

First Recording
Kevin Borich at Astor

First Recording - Astor Records Aged 12

Soon after, Judy and Sue Donaldson, on the neighbouring poultry farm, heard him playing. Kevin was 12; the girls were younger, but soon they found themselves in a recording studio in Auckland. “The girls could sing perfect harmonies and we just stood around the one microphone and it was cut to an acetate.” That disc remains one of Borich’s prized possessions.

Judy and Sue later had a string of hits in New Zealand as The Chicks, while Borich founded The Mergers...

The La De Das

The Mergers almost became
The Criminals but for a mothers intervention.

The La De Das where born.

Starting out as The Mergers in the rural Huapai district, near New Zealand's Auckland, the name failed to reflect the toughness of the youth bands music. After much deliberation the young rockers decided on The Criminals. Phillip Key's mother was not impressed and after a rehearsal one night, she jokingly suggested they call themselves "something nice, like the la-de-das ...". The band loved it and the name stuck.


The La De Das went on to release 'Gonna See My Baby Tonight'

Gonna See My Baby Tonight entered the Kent charts on 25 October 1971 and peaked at #10

By January 1972, when The La De Das played at the first Sunbury Music Festival just north of Melbourne to rapturous acclaim, the band had joined Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and Daddy Cool in an elite clique of Australian/New Zealand rock bands par excellence.

Kevin Borich and Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana and Kevin Borich

One of Kevin Borich's biggest moments was in 1977 when he jammed with Carlos Santana before 60,000 at the Rock Arena mega-shows in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Santana would say of the Kiwi, "He's amazing.  He sounds so much like Jimi Hendrix yet has an individual style.  He presents his music honestly and is one of the best guitarists I've heard."

If Licks Could Kill...

Carlos Santana / Kevin Borich 1977 Calder Raceway

Messaged on the walls of the famous Star Hotel in Newcastle NSW - `if licks could kill, Kevin Borich would be doing hard time".


Kevin Borich Express and Joe Walsh (The Eagles) 1980 Taree

Kevin Borich and Joe Walsh First Single The Fires

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